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Heart 4 House Offering – Celebration Sunday 30/09/2018

“Heart for The House” is an annual, sacrificial offering over and above normal tithes and offerings. This offering will mark a pivotal and miraculous step forward in the life of our church. By intentionally preparing and selflessly giving, our church is able to extend our reach and expand our influence into realms that are often left overlooked.

Our prayer is that you would consider your part to play as we Endeavor to equip our local church to better serve our community.

Let us pray together

Lord, we are a people who desperately want your best for this church and for this community.

We know that You are the best for us

Guide us Lord for Your sake and into Your purposes.

We pray like Jabez preyed that your hand be upon us leading and guiding us, that you will enlarge our tents and that you will bless us indeed

We thank You and praise Your name. You are worthy of our love and obedience. Amen

















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